Players Contract

Dear Parent,

As New Zealand Tennis Academy coaches we aspire to deliver a world class coaching environment for players to develop their skill in the sport of tennis. To achieve this we feel benchmarks must be set for the players participating in our sessions.

We will achieve the best results when all the stakeholders (Parents/ Players /Coaches) work together to achieve the common goals of the programme.

We have spent some time as a group agreeing on values and expectations for players and coaches to lift the quality of training ultimately to the highest level.

In order to keep our standards high we have developed a disciplinary process.

If any player fails to complete the Values and Expectations during training a coach may send a player home with a warning notice.

The process is as follows:

  • First Warning Notice:  Player sent home for the rest of the day with warning notice.
  • Second Warning Notice: Player sent home for the rest of the week with warning notice.
  • Third Warning Notice: Player sent home for the rest of the term with warning notice.

Note: There will be no refund for missed lessons.

The goal of this process is to correct behaviour and get the best results from everyone in the programme.

We appreciate your support in this area.


New Zealand Tennis Academy Coaching Team


Values and Expectations

The following outlines the critical values and expectations of the Waikato Performance Programme and how they will be displayed by the athletes both on and off court.

The program needs to develop athletes who are proud to represent Tennis Waikato and Tennis New Zealand on the national and international stage and carry on the wonderful tradition of former New Zealand champions.

  • Integrity, Honesty & Respect
  • Discipline
  • Accountability

Integrity, Honesty & Respect

  • On Court: Respect the coaching staff, respect fellow training partners and be honest at all times.
  • Off Court: Be proud to represent Tennis Waikato and Tennis New Zealand at all times, be humble and endorse the programme at all times.


  • On Court: Be on time, no talking during drills; abide by ITF/ATP/WTA Code of conduct, no sitting down during trainings unless coach directs you to, 100 percent effort towards training, and attend all training sessions within reason.
  • Off Court: Prepare professionally for trainings and matches, develop good sleeping patterns, develop good eating patterns, show good time management, develop independent qualities, stretch, and perform injury prevention and conditioning.


  • On and Off Court:  Accept responsibility for performances, behaviours and the consequences that follow.